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A mere ten years ago, watching television was a whole different viewing experience. Cable television and DVD players were key components for visual entertainment. Today cable subscribers are rapidly declining, while the number of Streaming or Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) users is heavily increasing. The fuel of this revolution is known as Netflix. Although the company started with DVD sales and rentals via mail, Netflix introduced streaming content in 2007, leading to the SVOD phenomenon people have become accustom to today.

In the beginning, Netflix was a luxury. Now, however, it has become a societal norm. Drawn to the accessibility that Netflix provides, new viewer expectations have been put into place. Being able watch what you want, when you want, and where you want it opened up the door to binge watching television series. Watching multiple episodes in one sitting is the investment that leads to the dedication that fans develop for their shows. It is then that society establishes the phrase “Netflix and Chill,” emphasizing the notion that watching Netflix is a way of life.

In 2013, Netflix begin producing it’s own content – Netflix Original Series. Because it is exclusive to subscribers, the only way to watch this original content is to become a paying viewer. This forces society to see Netflix as a necessity. Due to the success of Netflix Original Series, other SVODs, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Go, followed this trend by creating original content of their own. Although it now has many SVOD competitors, Netflix was the first of its kind to pave the way.

Top 5 Original Series

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Total Number of Netflix Original Series

This graph represents the percent each genre makes up of the 109 original series Netflix has produced. Hover your moose over the different sections in the graph to see the exact number of shows per genre.

Annual Number of Netflix Original Series

This graph represents the number of series that were produced in each genre by the year it was released. Choose a year in the drop down to see the progression of orignial series from 2013 to present.

Status of Netflix Original Series

This graph represents the status of the original series based on the year they were released. It is clear that more series have been made in recent years versus in 2013 when they originated. Note that the year 2017 is not over, and is projected to have more orignal series released. Hover over the columns to see the exact number of series that make up each status by its release year.